Reed Drinking Straws (Plastic-Free)

SKU Description Size Case Pack
PLR15 Natural Reed Straws D5-7mm ; L=20cm 250
PLRW16 Natural Reed Straws
(Individually Wrapped)
D5-7mm ; L=20cm 250
PLR17 Natural Reed Straws D5-7mm ; L=15cm 250
PLRW19 Natural Reed Straws
(Individually Wrapped)
D9-14mm ; L=20cm 250
PLRW20 Natural Reed Straws
(Individually Wrapped)
D9-14mm ; L=23cm 250
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  • Made in Vietnam: Our eco-friendly straws are made from 100% plants in Vietnam by local farmers who carefully select premium quality natural raw grass, without the usual processing with chemicals, phthalates or BPA.


  • No Quality Compromise: Unlike similar products on the market, these disposable straws enjoy a superior thickness which makes them durable and prevents them from soaking or breaking in your beverage


  • Ideal for All Occasions: Available in convenient packs of 250, these drinking straws are elegant and modern, adding a stylish note to any event. Order them for your party, home use, office or traveling, and you’ll be impressed by their versatility!


  • Go Green: Actively contributing to a healthier planet can be done with small, everyday choices which on the long run have a huge impact. Our grass straws are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable, containing no plastic or other harmful substances which eventually wind up polluting our environment.