Wholesale FAQ

Wholesale referral Program

How can I refer a business to Plasticless Co.?

You can easily refer a business by filling out our referral form. We will notify the business and let them know that you have recommended us to them.

What happens after my referral makes a purchase with Plasticless Co.?

Once your referral makes $1000 in purchases with Plasticless Co., we will email you to let you know that you have qualified for a reward.

What kind of reward can I earn by referring businesses to Plasticless Co.?

For every business that you refer and that spends $1000 in wholesale purchases with Plasticless Co., you will receive a $150 gift card as a reward.

Frequently asked Wholesale questions

What qualifies as a wholesale referral for Plasticless Co.?

Any cafe, restaurant, grocery store, boutique, or other business that would either sell our products as retail and/or use them in their physical space can be referred to Plasticless Co.

Can I participate in the Wholesale Referral Program even if I don’t own a business?

Yes, you can participate in the program even if you don’t own a business. The program is open to all Plasticless Co. customers. Simply fill out the referral form and start earning rewards once your referral makes $1000 in purchases.

Can I refer a business that is already on other wholesale platforms?

Yes, you can refer a business that is already on other wholesale platforms. Not all businesses shop at Plasticless Co., so your referral could still bring them to us. You will receive a $150 gift card as a reward once they make purchases equivalent to $1000.

Do I have to provide personal contact information to participate in the program?

You only need to provide your email to participate in the program. We will use your email to notify you when your referral signs up and to send you your reward once they make $1000 in purchases.

Are customers from all countries eligible to participate in the program?

You can participate in the program and earn rewards for any businesses that you refer that currently do business in the United States. The referrer can live anywhere, but please check our website to learn where we currently ship to. We will not ship outside of these countries.

How will I know when I receive my referral reward?

We will notify you by email once your referee makes $1000 in purchases and you qualify for a reward. Note that not all referees will be approved for wholesale as our program is selective.

Can I stack discounts or rewards if I refer multiple businesses to Plasticless Co.?

No, incentives cannot be stacked and can only be applied once per order.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?

No, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. The more referrals you make, the more rewards you can earn.