Grass Drinking Straws (Plastic-Free)

SKU Description Size Case Pack
PLG21 Natural Grass Straws D5-7mm ; L=20cm 250
PLGW22 Natural Grass Straws
(Individually Wrapped)
D5-7mm ; L=20cm 250
PLG23 Natural Grass Straws D5-7mm ; L=15cm 250
PLGW24 Natural Grass Straws
(Individually Wrapped)
D5-7mm ; L=15cm 250
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Straws are made from 100% natural raw grass ( Lepironia articulata), which can completely replace the plastic straws. The grass straw is not soaked in water or broken in the liquid. Grass straw meets the quality standards and they have won the heart of most consumers around the world because of their aesthetic value in terms of environmental friendliness. Currently, there are many individuals, organizations, restaurants, and hotels who want to contribute to protecting the environment by replacing disposable plastic straws.