What Is Grass Straw?

About Grass Straw

Straws are made from 100% natural raw grass ( Lepironia articulata), which can completely replace the plastic straws. The grass straw is not soaked in water or broken in the liquid. Grass straw meets the quality standards and they have won the heart of most consumers around the world because of their aesthetic value in terms of environmental friendliness. Currently, there are many individuals, organizations, restaurants, and hotels who want to contribute to protecting the environment by replacing disposable plastic straws.


L11: Length 11cm, Diameter 4-6mm
L20: Length 20cm, Diameter 4-6mm

Production Process

Harvest Fresh Grass

Lepironia Actiulata will be harvested by local farmers between 1.5 and 2 years old for the most significant hardness during application. They will then be cut off the stump and tops to select trees with a 4-6mm diameter to ensure the finished product is evenly produced and has the same size as today’s commonly used straws. Lepironia Actiulata will be cut to the straw’s size, and then the tube will be cleaned inside, which is a time-consuming, patient and careful step by farmers.

Fresh & Dried Grass Straw

After harvesting, the ingredients are carefully selected and classified. Lepironia Actiulata is soaked in the sink to kill bacteria, remove alum naturally and rinse with clean water and dry. All-natural drying processes in the sun. When the drying process is completed, farmers will inspect the grass straws to remove unsatisfactory products during production such as cracking, stamping or breaking.

Packaging & Storage

The finished product is then packed into clean, beautiful packaging so that it is ready to serve customers and conquer global customers.