What Is Bamboo Straw?

About Bamboo Straw

Bamboo straws are the right choice for your health. Also, using bamboo straws can contribute to environmental protection. Bamboo straws are made from specially selected bamboo by talented artisans. The process is natural, traditional and chemical-free. Currently, plastic straws contain many toxic chemicals to the body, such as BPA, causing health problems such as obesity, premature puberty disorder, and even cancer. These toxins are mainly produced in hot drinks when the plastic is heated, so these bamboo straws are environmentally friendly and safe for their users’ health. Besides, the Bamboo Straws are reusable with a coconut brush. Bamboo straws are durable, beautiful, luxurious,
delicate, high quality, easy to use and safe.


D9 (diameter 9mm): Length 20cm
D13 (diameter 13mm): Length 20cm

Production Process

Harvesting Bamboo

During the bamboo harvest, to ensure the most secure bamboo straws, our Vietnamese artisans will classify the bamboos that are old enough to be harvested and sun drying to create products with the best elasticity and natural colors of Vietnamese bamboo. After the bamboo has been exposed to the sun and has the bamboo’s yellowness, the artisans must measure and cut them into pieces to fit the size and length of the market.

Select & Dry Bamboo Straws

This step will require our worker to follow some certain rigorous standards. Before being dried again inside our designated room under hot temperature, we will use a grinding machine and sandpaper to scrub and beautify the straw’s ends to bring safety and sophistication to the product.

Packaging & Ready To Use

Once the straws have been safely sanitized, the product is inserted to engrave names on each bamboo straw. Then, the bamboo straws will be boxed and distributed to the market with the best safety standards and designs to consumers.