How Are Coconut bowls Made?

Harvest Fresh Grass

When the coconut trees are over 50 years old, the coconuts and the trunks are sturdy enough to create products such as coconut bowls and items such as knives, spoons and forks. The artist will dry the coconuts under the sun to easily remove the coconut shell outside and quickly cut the shape of a coconut shell, depending on the customer’s Inquiry.

Sanded and Dried Coconut Bowl

After creating the coconut shell bowl’s shape according to the size, the artisans will assemble the product details to have a particular colour for the coconut shell bowl. Coconut shells will be sanded to ensure the bowl’s smoothness, and they will be naturally dried again to continue the polishing process to make the bowl of coconut shells the most aesthetic value.

Final Steps

When the products have completed the steps, the artisans will apply a layer of extracted coconut oil to help the bowl of coconut shell have a characteristic fragrance for the development and keep them longer. Then, the products will be packaged and ready to be shipped to consumers.